LPSC 2014


Next week I will be in the Woodlands, close to Houston (USA), for our annual big conference, the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. I will present a talk on Vesta and a poster on the Moon. See you on Monday morning, 9:15, in the Montgomery Ballroom for my talk!

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LPSC 30.161229, -95.460777

Workshop – Vesta in the Light of Dawn


On February 3-4, I will be in Houston, at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, to attend the Vesta in the Light of Dawn workshop. I will present our results associated to the abstract entitled Adapted Modified Gaussian Model: no detection of olivine in regions predicted to be mantle-rich from models of planet-scale collisions. The pdf file can be found here.

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LPI 29.587535, -95.100669