Infography: Mars missions

I like the infography on Mars missions done by Bryan Christie Design for IEEE Spectrum: I find it particularly visual! However, this image is not up to date as reported missions stop in 2007. So, I decided to actualize it with more recent data.


I also added few values on the volume of data that has been acquired by the different space probes and that is actually available on Mars Orbital Data Explorer (other types of data that I din’t take into account are available elsewhere). Raw data (EDR) only are reported, i.e. without the processed products and the related navigation data. Original values can be found there (see also the table below). As the columns’ heights compared to the logarithmic scale are not perfect  this graph must be taken as an indicative information. The goal is here to show that we have huge amounts of data to process, especially with the MRO probe.


Finally, another way to present those Martian missions (from Wikipedia):