LPSC 2014


Next week I will be in the Woodlands, close to Houston (USA), for our annual big conference, the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. I will present a talk on Vesta and a poster on the Moon. See you on Monday morning, 9:15, in the Montgomery Ballroom for my talk!

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LPSC 30.161229, -95.460777

Workshop – Vesta in the Light of Dawn


On February 3-4, I will be in Houston, at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, to attend the Vesta in the Light of Dawn workshop. I will present our results associated to the abstract entitled Adapted Modified Gaussian Model: no detection of olivine in regions predicted to be mantle-rich from models of planet-scale collisions. The pdf file can be found here.

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LPI 29.587535, -95.100669

Public conference – November 17th 2012

I will give a public conference on November 17th for the Lyon Astronomical Society. It will be held in the public library of Saint-Genis-Laval starting at 5:30pm.

I will talk of orbital datasets combination, especially visible-near infrared reflectance spectroscopy, to better understand Mars evolution during first billion years. I will use some of the last results produced by the e-Mars team.

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Médiathèque St-Genis-Laval 45.697443, 4.794385


Science festival 2012

I will be at the Lyon Observatory (CRAL) on October 11th and 12th for the french Science Festival. Detailed planning of activities onsite can be found here. Two workshop will be organised by the eMars team: one on Curiosity and one on spectroscopy applied to planetary surfaces.

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Observatoire de Lyon 45.694138, 4.782878