What’s new since October?

Last post on September 29th! Long time no see… What has happened since?


Early October, I was at the francophone conference ESRI SIG 2014 in Versailles, as mentionned previously. I discovered some things currently done in the world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). I met some people with very different backgrounds, which is always nice. My talk went well but there were not many people…

I also prepared two lectures for Anton Ivanov‘s course Introduction to Planetary Science. As last year, one was on asteroids and one was on water on Mars (last year’s slides can be found here and here respectively). We also had to prepare the Earth and Space Symposium, organized by our lab.

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LPSC 2014


Next week I will be in the Woodlands, close to Houston (USA), for our annual big conference, the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. I will present a talk on Vesta and a poster on the Moon. See you on Monday morning, 9:15, in the Montgomery Ballroom for my talk!

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LPSC 30.161229, -95.460777

44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

From March 18th to March 22nd 2013, I will be at the 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conferencenear Houston (Texas). I’m (co-)authoring three abstracts which will be presented during the posters sessions:

  • Clenet, H., Isaacson, P. J. and Gillet, Ph., Systematic mapping of mafic minerals on the Moon: An improved approach based on Modified Gaussian Model applied to M3 dataAbstract #1494
  • Rozel, A., Clenet, H., Douté, S. and Quantin, C., Hyperspectral data processing using neural networks: Preliminary results for mafic minerals in SNC’s meteorites, Abstract #1469
  • Bultel, B., Quantin, C., Andreani, M. and Clenet, H., Identification of phyllosilicates in crustal outcrops between Hellas and Isidis basins (Mars) using combinaisons of near 2.3-2.5µm absorptions on CRISM data, Abstract #2078

The twitter hashtag #LPSC2013 may be used to get live news from the conference. This year, official microbloggers will have access to the internet directly from the conference rooms, so there will be the latest news!