What’s new since October?

Last post on September 29th! Long time no see… What has happened since?


Early October, I was at the francophone conference ESRI SIG 2014 in Versailles, as mentionned previously. I discovered some things currently done in the world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). I met some people with very different backgrounds, which is always nice. My talk went well but there were not many people…

I also prepared two lectures for Anton Ivanov‘s course Introduction to Planetary Science. As last year, one was on asteroids and one was on water on Mars (last year’s slides can be found here and here respectively). We also had to prepare the Earth and Space Symposium, organized by our lab.

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Lenk, ultralight and soon SIG 2014

A little more than two weeks ago, I attended the 1st Chinese-Swiss workshop on space sciences. This workshop, organized by the Swiss Space Center, was held in Lenk in the Swiss Alps. It has been a great opportunity to meet scientists and to discover Chinese projects regarding space missions…

In a different kind, last Friday I had the opportunity to do a flight in ultralight. This flight was part of the Leman-Baikal project that use hyperspectral remote sensing. The idea is to investigate the possibilities that exist to use the dataset for mapping terrestrial surfaces…

Finally, from tomorrow I’ll be in Paris for the SIG 2014 conference, as announced previously. My presentation on GIS in planetary exploration is ready!


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SIG 2014 in October


A quick post to mention that I will take part in the SIG 2014 conference. This conference organized by ESRI, the software editor of ArcGIS that I use to manage my data (see the screenshot below), will be held in Versailles the 1st and 2nd of October. I will give a talk on the use of GIS (Geographic Information System) in the context of planetary exploration.

Next post tomorrow for the publication of my last paper!


Screenshot of an ArcMap window, data on Copernicus crater (Moon)

Holidays in Crete

I’m just back from holidays in Crete. So I have the opportunity to post some sunny pictures to be used next winter… The other photos can be found in the gallery here.

For the next days, I will have to: process the numerous bibliographical alerts waiting, find how to insert a Martian DEM in the flight simulator X-Plane (to simulate a flight over a base imagined by the students in the Living on Mars course), make a non-linear unmixing algorithm work on Dawn data and, of course, keep working on my papers…