5th planetary meeting day

Last Monday and Tuesday, I was in Bern for the 5th IPAG/LGLTPE meeting day. This time more laboratory were involved as I was representing EPSL and as the Planetary Science Division at the University of Bern, through Nick Thomas‘ team, has also joined us. Antoine Pommerol welcomed us during those two days.

Panoramique Salle travail bern

The new people in the e-Mars team started the talks (SamanthaDamien et Loïc), then we had presentations by Grenoble on the GHoSST database and the CRISM pipeline (MARS-ReCO). We also had talks on Bern’s team activities, especially on martian desiccation processes. We also visited the team lab (photometry measurements in cold conditions).

A part of the Physics Institute activities consists in preparing the instruments that will be used in space missions. We had the opportunity to see some installations like a simulation chamber for the laser-altimeter BELA (BepiColombo mission). We also saw a duplicate version of the ROSINA instrument onboard ROSETTA.

Chambre simulation BELLA ROSINA

Finally, we enjoy a demo of the “Vibrator” test rig. This platform is used to test space instruments in the same conditions of vibration that they will experience during a rocket takeoff.