•  Airborne and orbital hyperspectral data processing (visible-near infrared reflectance spectroscopy):
    • Non-linear algorithm (Modified Gaussian Model) / Spectral parameters
    • Development of new processing methods (e.g. neural networks)
    • ENVI/IDL programming
    • Processing of HyMap, MEx/OMEGA, MRO/CRISM, Chandrayaan/M3 data
  • Calibration/geoprocessing of high resolution imagery – ISIS3 software (MRO/CTX, MRO/HiRISE, MEx/HRSC, LRO/LROC)
  • GIS management (ArcMap)
  • High resolution DEM production (stereogrammetry)
  • Planetary surfaces dating (crater counting)
  • Acquisition of hyperspectral Tradata using field spectrometer (ASD Fieldspec)
  • Field geology (Sumail massif, Oman)
  • Optic microscopy and electronic microprobe analysis, samples preparation