Associate Professor 🛰️ | Remote sensing of 🌍 to monitor 🍇, 🌳, and ⛏️ | Fundamentally 🇪🇺 & 🌐

Someone told me I’m a bit like the “James Bond of viticulture”. I spy on vines by looking at how light is reflected by leaves and uses it to monitor how healthy the vines are. My spying tools are satellites and UAVs images, combined to reflectance spectroscopy (visible-near infrared) and GIS. I develop my algorithms with Python and IDL.

I’m also interested in other fields where hyperspectral remote sensing could be used, whether it’s to develop innovative solutions such as for the monitoring of livestock, or for geology and planetary sciences that are my historical activities.

Committed to my company, I’m enthusiastic at carrying out my duties. On a daily basis, in addition to managing research projects, I teach and mentor students throughout their studies.

Curious and lively, I’m open to the world and its cultural diversity.

If I had a motto, it would be “Everything has to be checked with spectra 🌈”


Twitter : @harold_clenet

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