Looking for a job, SOLVE, unmixing and salads

Recent months have been quite busy at a personal level and I didn’t took the time to update my website. Here are some news anyway:

  • my contract at EPFL ends in November and I’m now looking for a new position in remote sensing from space or drone.
  • I’m working on the SOLVE project as science leader. SOLVE study will design a constellation of small satellites, carrying innovative hyperspectral camera to monitor water and vegetation at hourly timescales.
  • with some colleagues from IRISA, we are finalizing the writing of a paper on an algorithm combining anomaly detection and non-linear unmixing, with application to Vesta’s dataset.
  • I’m involved in the preparation of a proposal dealing with the monitoring of salads using remote sensing. Two innovative startup companies are involved in this project, especially one working on hyperspectral (Gamaya).