Radio interview: Mars’ conquest

logo-rtsToday, CQFD special broadcast dedicated to Mars and its exploration. I speak briefly of landing sites and ressources, which is somewhat related to what we do in the course Living on Mars. Unlike my first time in CQFD, no live session this time: the interview has been recorded few days ago at EPFL.

The website of the broadcast is available here and to listen only the part with me (in French), just play on “read” below and move forward up to 25:30 (but the whole broadcast is quite interesting!).

Teaching “Living on Mars”

As last year, I take part in the ENAC course Living on Mars (UEE12). The goal is to gather students from architecture, civil engineering and environmental engineering and make them work on the design of a Martian base. Of course, I’m here as a specialist of the red planet. You’ll find below the lecture I gave them last week…

2013-05-08 16.10.07

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